Here are some testimonials from Terri's students; more will be added.

"Terri Lane conducted one of the most exceptional lesson-based courses I have ever taken. She radiates the perfect blend of enthusiasm, criticism, and encouragement when teaching. I came to her class two semesters ago with little to no confidence, and no concept of just how far I could push my voice. I left with better control over my voice, a larger range than I'd ever thought possible, and (what I believe to be the most important aspect) a boatload of confidence. If there's one instructor whose lessons you should take, it's hers. She'll take your voice above and beyond what you thought possible." Alex R., UNH Class of 2013

"When I first met Terri I was a music major at the University of New Haven. She was a new professor in the department and I needed to complete my performance requirement for my degree. Little did I know how much of an impact she would have. I'm very shy when it comes to singing because it was something that I've never grown comfortable with. Terri's style of teaching helped me to work on that and develop my voice. Because of this, I continued to enroll in her class and found it very therapeutic. Terri has the ability to connect with her students like she did with me and help them to develop beyond a practice room and mic. If I was still a student or in the area I would take her class." Alexandra H., Buffalo, NY

"Terri Lane is an excellent vocal instructor. She is very knowledgeable and great to work with. I had very little vocal training before I took her class, but by the end of the semester, my voice had improved and I became more knowledgeable of how to properly use my voice. Terri Lane is a great instructor and I definitely would recommend her!" Emily N., UNH Class of 2013

"Terri Lane is one of the best vocal professors I have encountered in my 10 years of singing lessons. She has a very easy going way to teach vocal techniques, which makes it less tedious to learn. Terri was also there to listen when I needed to express my emotions through singing, as well as giving me advice of how to deal with emotion while performing live. She taught me lots of lessons I will need when entering the music industry. Helped me to push myself and improve my vocal ability tremendously. Class with her was the whole package! She's great!" Catalina G.H., UNH Class of 2015

"I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from Terri. Not only did she help perfect my strengths, but she also pushed me outside of my comfort zone and helped me discover aspects of my voice I didn’t know I had. Terri is an encourager, a motivator, and an inspiration, and I would highly recommend her!" Chelsea S., UNH Class of 2013

"I am pleased to recommend Terri Lane as private vocal instructor. I was a student of hers for two semesters at the University of New Haven and have learned a great deal about her and her teaching abilities. Terri consistently made sure that I was correctly exercising and that at no point was I doing unhealthy behaviors to my voice. Her knowledge and experience in live performance greatly defines her approach to the lessons. Because I had taken vocal training with her before, we worked mostly on singing completely through a set of songs that were out of my comfort zone in terms of genre, vocal range and general performance style. This helped me greatly because different genres and song themes require a different performance, and I learned things that I didn’t think I could do. Due to her direction, experience, healthy and constructive criticism, I feel like I definitely improved and grew more confident in my abilities." Anthony G., UNH Class of 2013

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